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Broil King Mesquite Blend (Mesquite, Oak) Pellets 20 lb Resealable Bag

Broil King Mesquite Blend (Mesquite, Oak) Pellets 20 lb Resealable Bag

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Style: Mesquite


Mesquite has a very strong and intense flavour which is a favourite of the southwest. When you are after the bold and spicy flavours of the southwest, Mesquite is the way to go! With a mixture of Mesquite and Oak, this blend offers a nice balance between heat and Mesquite flavour.

Broil King Mesquite Blend Premium Wood BBQ Pellets are great with beef, ribs, poultry and game birds.

The perfect barbecue starts with the right kind of fuel. Broil King's Premium Grilling Pellets work with all pellet grills, are 100% natural and contain only premium wood with no fillers, oil additives or binding agents. Source woods are mixed before pelletizing, ensuring that each pellet contains the intended blend.

This method allows for more repeatable cooking performance with a consistent burn and smoke flavor. These pellets offer optimal cooking performance and great flavor for every cookout.

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