Wonderful Wicker

What makes wonderful wicker patio furniture? It’s not a secret! At Sun Country, we carry great outdoor wicker patio furniture which is long lasting and quite durable against our Canadian climate. So what separates our outdoor wicker from the rest? We’ll tell you!

But first: what is outdoor wicker? Wicker is – for all intents and purposes – the weaving of twigs and other materials to create the furniture we sit in. Wicker, of course, is used for many other projects, such as baskets, hats, and art. However, over the years, outdoor wicker has evolved from actual wooden twigs and branches to something significantly more durable: plastics. Or more specifically, high density polyethylene (HDPE).

HDPE is a hardened plastic which is used in a wide assortment of different materials. Plastic bottles, piping, and furniture are some of the many uses of HDPE. However, it is HDPE which makes our wonderful wicker patio furniture last very long.

As the plastic is in its liquid form, many additives and chemicals are mixed in with the liquid state in order to prevent it from stretching, breaking, fading, and splitting. While in a liquid form, the dye of the wicker is also mixed in so the colour of the wicker strand is actually inherent to the wicker. This also helps prevent fading.
Wonderful Wicker
If wicker is not made of HDPE, you could expect it to weather and split much sooner. The thing is that you could have two identical chairs to one another – side by side – and not know which one is HDPE or a lesser plastic. The clues are in the warranty.

All of our outdoor wicker has at least a three year warranty on their strands, proving that they are able to handle our climate. With wonderful wicker like ours, you cannot go wrong.