Winter Patio

Dealing with the winter is difficult. Having patio furniture during the winter can sometimes be even more difficult as you may be worrying about it! But if your furniture is from Sun Country, we’re pretty confident you have nothing to worry about. Let us explain.

Most of our furniture features powder coated cast aluminum frames. What that means is that they’re rust free. There’s no chance for the aluminum to rust as it cannot rust. Our frames are also fully welded, meaning they have no nuts or bolts to wear down. Being fully welded, nothing can loosen up over time as well. It makes for a fully sound and structured chair or table.

Our fabrics are made out of Sunbrella, meaning they come with a five year warranty against fading. Made of a solution dyed acrylic fabric, they are impervious to moulding or mildewing, meaning they will be quite durable for years to come.

Winter Patio Covers

Our outdoor wicker furniture is also made of a plastic. They are made of a high density polyethylene, meaning it is able to take a beating from the sun and the winter. While the snow will not affect the furniture in such a way, it is safe to know that your wicker patio furniture is quite durable for most of the outdoors. Also featuring fully welded cast aluminum frames, there virtually no worry with your wicker furniture in the winter climate.

Taking care of your patio furniture before winter strikes is important however. Making sure you have the right winter patio covers and proper winter patio storage makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your furniture around for years to come.

For more tips and other paito furniture questions, stop by Sun Country and speak with our helpful and friendly staff today!