With winter setting in we felt it might be helpful to provide a few tips for caring for your patio furniture as we wait for the snow to melt and patio season to begin again.

Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture covers are a great way to protect your outdoor furniture from the winter elements. Patio Furniture covers will keep the rain, snow, dirt, and leaves off of your patio furniture keeping it clean. It is a great idea to give you outdoor furniture a good cleaning before storage or covering so that it is ready to enjoy as soon as the nice weather arrives!
patio furniture covers
Patio Furniture covers will also reduce the UV exposure your patio furniture receives from the sun keeping your paint finish bright and your wicker furniture in good condition.

The heat and cold cycles of the seasons will not affect patio furniture and it will remain protected underneath the cover. Patio Furniture should be stored upright if stored in an area where the temperatures will drop below freezing. This should be done in order to allow the drain holes present in tubing to relieve condensation which accumulates in the furniture. If the patio furniture is stored inverted, water can pool and freeze causing damage to the furniture. Cushions should be stored inside for protection from pests.

We stock a large selection of patio furniture covers to fit many shapes and sizes of outdoor furniture and patio furniture sets. Bring in your measurements and we’ll help you select the appropriate covers for your furniture!