Why Sling Furniture?

A lot of people look at this and ask, “Why Sling Furniture?” As in, why after so many years are they still in demand? What is it about sling furniture that makes it so timeless? What makes it so durable that makes people want keep going back to it? Let us tell you!

The actual reason to why sling furniture is so timeless is entirely because of the customization. You can change the fabric and frame colours to adjust to any style. It works great when you need to freshen up the backyard or update a style.

The sling material is actually a mix of polyester and vinyl. The vinyl is heat pressed onto the fabric, allowing it to have both durability and flexibility for many different climates and peoples sitting in the chair. Because of the durability of the fabric, you can typically expect the sling material to last anywhere from eight to ten years. While for some reasons they may not last as long, for others, they last double the time.

But back to the customization: why sling furniture? You can replace the fabrics! Unlike some chairs, sling furniture can have its sling material replaced by us at Sun Country. We have over one hundred fabrics to choose from if you want to replace the slings. But what about the frames?

Why Sling Furniture

The frames of our sling furniture are tubular aluminum. This means that the frames cannot rust from the outsides. They are generally lightweight and are also long-lasting. This means that while your slings may only last a decade, the frames of the chairs can last a lifetime. This allows you to continue to use your investment for many years to come! Just change out the fabrics when you’re ready!

To see all of the great reasons why sling furniture is so great, stop by Sun Country in Burlington or in St. Catharines!