Weber Grills

Why should you consider Weber grills? There’s many reasons to why Weber is one of the most trusted names in the barbecue business. So what makes Weber grills so trustworthy?

Let’s talk about warranty: the current warranty on the Weber Genesis grills are quite hefty. The lid and the firebox are guaranteed for ten years. The stainless steel burners are guaranteed for ten years as well. The stainless steel flavorizer bars which are in the grills we carry here at Sun Country, are guaranteed for five years. This also goes for the stainless steel grids which you cook on inside the grill. The remaining parts of the Weber grill have a two year warranty on them.

But it’s not just warranty that makes a grill trustworthy. It’s how it cooks too. You can see in this YouTube video we’ve made, that the insides of Weber grills are quite substantial.

The double walled lid and the thick aluminum, rust proof firebox are another two tells to a great grill. The thicker lid works and an insulator, while the firebox will never falter from heat or rust. Inside the grill, there are heat reflectors which are used to bounce the heat back into the grill, allowing for even cooking and adding further insulation.

Weber Grills

Weber grills also feature a few different options which few other grills do. This goes for the pull out drip tray and the built in sear station. The drip tray pulls out from under the cabinet as it acts as the whole bottom of your grill. It makes cleaning a breeze.

The sear station is something available in Weber’s 330 models. It features a fourth burner built within the grill to help get those excellent sear marks on your steaks and burgers.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg with Weber grills. To see more, stop into our St. Catharines location today!