Weber Grills

We think it can be safely assumed that Weber grills are the most popular in the world. There are quite a few models available which can certainly suit your needs. From gas to propane, or even some charcoal models, there’s tons of Weber grills for everyone.

One of the more popular grills we carry at the store is the Genesis EP 310. It features 500 square inches of primary cooking space and includes a stainless steel warming rack. The internal cooking grids are also stainless steel, meaning there is little worry for rust. In fact, the grids will last for many years to come – one of the benefits of having stainless steel.

The firebox and lid are also made of aluminum, meaning they cannot rust. They are built to take extreme heat from the grill. So don’t worry about searing steaks with this grill! The temperature will not be a problem with it.

Weber Grills

The barbecue also features two doors underneath which reveals a pull out bottom drip tray. It makes it very easy to clean the bottom of the grill. The drip tray is like a bucket which catches the grease and other drippings, making it easy to clean up. All you have to do is lift the tray out and clean it up that way.

One of the other popular series of Weber grills we carry are the Summits. Featuring heftier grids than the Genesis series, they come as 9mm thick stainless steel rods. The flavorizer bars, much like the Genesis, are stainless steel so they are quite durable against the grease drippings of foods.

The Summits also feature a pull out drip tray and an aluminum lid and fire box. However, the ignition system is much more superior as it lights much like a gas stove.

To see these Weber grills, stop by our St. Catharines location today!