With 2017 just around the corner, Weber is going to be releasing a new set of grills! The Weber Genesis II series are on their way to stores for the start of the new year.

The Weber Genesis grills have been the staple of the Weber brand. Starting from the late eighties, Weber redefined grilling with their Genesis series grills: featuring their now-popular Flavorizer Bars as well as a three burner system for more consistent cooking.

Now, featuring a complete redesign on both the look and the way to grill, the Weber Genesis series will now be available in a slew of new sizes. Two, three, four, or six burner models will be available to purchase with the four burner models providing the option of having five different lid colours for you to choose from. Talk about selection!

Weber Genesis II

Along with the Weber Genesis II, there will be an upgraded model called the Genesis II “LX” which features a fully enclosed cabinet, side burner, propane gauge, and many other extra goodies to make grilling a breeze.

Speciality dealers such as us here at Sun Country will be able to receive a dealer-exclusive model, dubbed the Genesis II LX CSE or CSS. The CSE means it will come with a black lid while the CSS features a stainless steel lid. Both grills, however, will come with thicker cooking grids than the standard Weber Genesis II. All Webers come with 7mm thick stainless steel cooking grids. The CSE and CSS models will feature 9mm thick cooking grids which is ideal for retaining heat as well as for longevity.

The burner system has been redesigned to now feature rectangular burners. Gone are the tubular burners of the past. This rectangular build is designed to produce better gas flow. The burner is in fact smaller at the base of the grill while expanding as it goes to the back. This allows for more even cooking control as well as less wear on the burners.

As for the Flavorizer bars, not much has changed since they were practically perfect from the get-go. One minor change was made however. The Flavorizer bars now have a small hole in the back of them so you can guarantee that the burner is actually lit. No more guess work needed.

We’ll have the new Weber Genesis II models in store by early 2017. But if you have any questions about them, we’ll be excited to answer! We want to talk about them too!