Weber Barbecues

Starting in the late 1800’s, Weber barbecues have been a mainstay in the world because of their quality and durability.

Known for their long lasting grills, Weber barbecues have evolved greatly over the years. Originally starting just as charcoal barbecues, Weber’s have added gas grills to their arsenal.

These American made barbecues are also well known for their cooking excellence. Because of Sun Country’s demand for high quality, good working products, we are proud to carry Weber’s in our line of grills.

What About Webers?

What is it about Weber barbecues that make them so good?

There’s a variety of reasons, actually. First and foremost, their warranty is great. Many of their parts are made of stainless steel, allowing for a long lifespan. However, parts are always available if need be. You can still get parts from a Weber grill from over thirty years ago!

All Weber barbecues are also equipped with stainless steel burners. These burners are able to distribute heat evenly within the grill, allowing for great cooking experiences.

The grills and flavourizer bars are available in stainless steel as well. The parts are very durable. With care, they can last quite a long time.

Coming in a wide variety of different grills, Weber’s have three major series: the Spirit, Genesis, and Summit Series. Ranging in prices, each grill offers different traits to help you find the best grill for yourself.

Weber Barbecues

Whether you want a Weber barbecue with a rotisserie or side burner, Weber offers different grills for each model. We have many different Weber barbecues on display in the store at Sun Country to help you make an informed decision.

Along with each type of grill, Weber also offers a wide range of cookbooks depending the type of Weber barbecue you have.

Stop by the store today and see what Weber barbecues we have to offer!