Umbrella Sizes

With so many umbrella sizes available, there’s a lot to consider when picking out the right one. Featuring Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, colours are plentiful with hundreds of colours. As for sizing, here’s what’s available:

Our umbrella sizes start at six feet in diameter. They are push button umbrellas with aluminum frames, making them ideal for the outdoors. Aluminum frames mean that they will not rust, allowing you to have peace of mind with your umbrella. Available in many different frame and fabric colours, our six foot umbrellas are great for small bistros or balconies.

The next size up are seven and a half feet. These umbrellas feature everything the same as the six footers. These sizes are ideal for small round or square dining sets.

Our nine foot umbrella sizes are next in the list. Easily the most common size we sell, these umbrellas have a few different features. Still supporting an aluminum frame, the nine foot umbrellas feature an auto-tilt option. This allows the umbrellas to tilt just by cranking the umbrella. These umbrellas also have a threaded bottom pole, allowing for more stability than the push button bottom poles.

Umbrella Sizes

Eleven foot umbrellas are the largest size we have for center post umbrellas. Featuring frames the same size as the six and seven footers, the umbrellas still feature an auto tilt mechanism like the nine footers.

The next style for umbrellas are the side-post ones. Available as a 10′ square, 11′ round, or 13′ round, these umbrellas are great for staying out of the way. Supported by a base and frame which are set to the side, the umbrellas can tilt as well as spin 360 degrees. With much versatility to their construction, and aluminum frames, they are very worry-free when it comes to the elements.

To see all of the umbrellas we have to offer, stop by the store today!