Umbrella Cover

Trying to find the proper umbrella cover can be difficult. There are so many different kinds of umbrellas out there that it can become a bit confusing to know which one is right for you. So what is the trick to finding the right umbrella cover? At Sun Country, we can help!

There are a few measurements you could take to help make finding the right cover a bit easier. One of the easiest ones to do is to measure the entire length of the umbrella from the top to the bottom of the fabric. It is just the “top part” of the umbrella, but that’s alright. The bottom pole can come apart and slide up inside the cover.

Umbrella Cover

Just measuring that length, however, is not enough. You will need to double that measurement so that you can know the exact length of the umbrella. Alternatively, you can measure the umbrella from point to point when it is fully opened. With that measurement, it makes finding the right cover a breeze.

However, side post umbrellas are becoming quite popular and many people do have them. While we do sell covers for the umbrellas we carry, not everyone does. So how does one measure a side post umbrella?

It’s important to know how your umbrella closes. Does it only close in the center and hang there, or does it close up to the frame? Once that is determined, then you should be able to find the proper length by measuring the umbrella just like you would a normal one. However, you may need to give a few more inches in case your side post umbrella does close up to your frame.

All of our umbrella covers come with a pole so you don’t need to use a ladder to put the cover on. It’s simple and easy!

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