It’s the Kamado Joe at Sun Country! The ultimate in ceramic grilling, the Kamado Joe uses charcoal as a primary source of fuel which heats the ceramic of the kamado. The ceramic then radiates onto your food, offering moist, smoke-filled flavour in anything you wish to cook on it.

And we do mean anything. From steaks to burgers, birthday cakes to cinnamon buns, whatever you want to try, the Kamado Joe is up to the challenge. The smoke flavour which comes from the charcoal adds a level of flavour and zest which is unparalleled compared to traditional charcoal grilling. As mentioned, the secret is in the ceramic. The charcoal transfers its heat onto the ceramic body of the kamado – making it like a convection oven. The heat circulates within the kamado and still smolders the charcoal to give that smoky charcoal flavour. The gasket-tight seal on the kamado prevents the moisture from escaping, but still keeps the heat in allowing for great cooks every time.

But what about the Kamado Joe that separates it from the rest of the competition of other kamado grills? For starters, the Kamado Joe comes fully assembled – band and all! Minor assembly of the stand is all that is required. There’s very little to do! Another great feature is that the Kamado Joe comes with most of the accessories needed to use it! An ash tool for cleaning, grill gripper, and side shelves are all included with the grill. To make it even better, the Kamado Joe comes with a full limited lifetime warranty on the ceramics, meaning you’ll be taken care of for years to come if anything were to happen.

There are tons of unique accessories available for the Kamado Joe as well, such as their Joetisserie – ideal for you guessed it! Doing rotiserrie on your Kamado Joe. Another great accessory is the DoJoe – a pizza oven attachment to convert your grill into an oven (pictured above).

Stop by our St. Catharines store today to check out the Kamado Joe in person and one of our friendly staff members would be happy to walk you through the first steps of great grilling.