Big Green Egg

Considered to be one of the most well-rounded outdoor appliances, the Big Green Egg is a smoker, grill, and so much more. But what makes these colourful kamados so popular? Why does everyone rant and rave so positively about them? We have one on display at the St. Catharines store. We’ve cooked on them plenty of times before. So by all means: let us let you in on the secret.

The Big Green Egg is a ceramic kamado – similar to an egg, actually. It’s not just a clever name! The ceramic helps contain all of the heat within so you never have to worry about heat loss. The primary source of fuel for the Egg is not gas or propane, but charcoal.

Once you light the charcoal, naturally, it will cook and smoke your food. However, with the Egg, the charcoal is not the only primary source of heat. The ceramics of the Egg heat up and begin to cook your food like an oven. With heat surrounding your food from all around, it will cook evenly – no matter where you place it.

Big Green Egg

Because there is no open flame either – and that the heat is radiant from the ceramic – you food doesn’t dry out. This means that it can retain its moisture so it will be really flavourful when you take your first bite.

But there’s so much more to do with it! You can smoke low and slow to around 200 degrees, or sear at over 800 degrees. You can slow cook ribs, bake cakes, or sear a steak – all with the Big Green Egg.

With a ton of different accessories available too, you can really become adventurous. With so many tools and flavours of charcoal to try, you’ll never make the same thing twice!

Stop in at our St. Catharines location to see the Big Green Egg today!