Thanksgiving Barbecue

Thanksgiving Barbecue: the best time to make turkey on the barbecue. With Thanksgiving coming up fast on Monday, October 13th, it is important to get the ingredients and turkey ready nice and early on. No one likes having to prepare a meal when guests are already arriving!

If there’s one newer tradition you could bring to the holiday, however, is Thanksgiving on the Barbecue. Many people do not consider grilling a bird that size on their barbecue, but for Thanksgiving, you can give it a try!

It’s really no different than cooking a Turkey in the oven! Really! And we’ll tell you why:

Much like in an oven, a barbecue can good indirectly. With most barbecues, you can cook indirectly to let the bird cook low and slow. In doing so, you won’t really have to worry about flare ups, or even a burnt bird.

What you should be wary of – and this should go without saying – is to remember to stock up on propane! The last thing you need for your Thanksgiving barbecue is to run out of fuel.

Thanksgiving Barbecue

Charcoal Grilling

Alternatively, you can do what we did! Make Thanksgiving happen on a Big Green Egg! With charcoal and indirect cooking, you can have a meal which would make your family and friends envious. With a large variety of different wood chips to give additional flavour with, you can be sure to make a very unique style of barbecued turkey that would impress even yourself.

With a wide variety of different accessories and tools to grill with, you should take the dive into something new. Perhaps you will make a new Thanksgiving tradition in the end.

You won’t know until you try! Give us a call or stop on in our St. Catharines location if you have any other grilling questions! We’ll do our best to help. We’re the barbecue experts, after all.