Teak Patio Furniture

Considered to be one of the most tough woods on the market, Teak patio furniture has a unique style and unmatched comfort.

Because of its high demand, teak trees are actually grown in plantations in places such as Indonesia in order to serve to the market. Different qualities of teak furniture exist. The different grades not only tell you the type of quality of the teak, but also provides a drastically different look.

Lower grades of teak patio furniture will feature more knots in the tables or chairs. But that’s not all.

Teak is great because of its high oil content. It protects the teak and allows it to last longer. Older trees are considered Grade A teak, as their oil content would be built up higher than most over the years. Because of that, Grade A teak would also be much heavier.

Beautiful Teak Patio Furniture in Toronto

Not only is teak heavy and durable, to give you an idea of how great teak is think of this: it is the same furniture used on luxury boats in the ocean as teak can handle the constant change of weather and salt water. In fact, older boats have decks made entirely of teak.

Caring for Teak Patio Furniture

Teak does not need to be stained, sealed or finished. Its natural oils protect it. However, in the sun, teak will fade to a silvery gray colour. If you would like to restore the original colour, you can use teak stains and sealers to bring it back to its original colour. A light sanding beforehand would assist in helping the stain penetrate the wood,

Mild soaps can be used to clean teak as well. Power washing is not recommended as it will ruin the grain.

At Sun Country, we only carry Grade A Teak as we know the importance of quality. Stop by the store and see it today!