Teak Furniture Maintenance

Many of our customers inquire about teak furniture maintenance to ensure the longevity of their purchase. Teak is an investment, and if looked after properly, can last for up to 80 years. For that reason, it should be cleaned at least once a season.

Teak Furniture Maintenance

Teak Patio Furniture

When exposed to the elements, after about 6 months, teak will turn a beautiful gray colour. This change in colour does not effect the integrity of the furniture. Untreated teak should be keep dirt and dust free by using a quarter cup of dish washing soap and a table spoon of bleach for every gallon of water. A soft bristle brush is also recommended. Make sure to rinse your furniture with lots of clean water. Any remaining stains can be removed by using a fire grain sandpaper.

If the rustic gray colour of teak does not appeal to you, you can always restore the original colour. This does take a lot of work and will need to be repeated every year, especially if the wood is in a very sunny area.

1. Wash the teak as instructed above.
2. Apply a teak brightener and rinse. You can also brighten the colour of your teak by sanding the wood always in the direction of the grain. We sell teak brightener at our St. Catharines and Burlington Sun Country showrooms.
3. Apply a UV blocking teak sealant and allow to dry.
4. Repeat once every year.

It is natural to see changes in your teak furniture, like the lifting of the grain or small cracks. This is due to temperature changes as your furniture sits outside. Therefore, it is very important to be careful moving teak furniture indoors in the winter as warm temperatures can further split the wood.

Teak furniture maintenance is easy, and when done correctly, can allow your furniture to last for decades. If you have any additional questions about teak furniture maintenance, please ask one of our sales associates.