Choosing the right table heights

When it comes to choosing the right table height, Sun Country knows what to look for to fit your space. With so many heights available, it can be a little daunting to find what you are looking for. Your trained sales associates are here to help you with your decision! Let’s take a look at what is available:

Coffee Table Height
Coffee table height is traditionally 16-18″ high. This height is based off the height of sofas, loveseats and deep seating chairs. It is easy to reach the table top when you are seated in a cushioned seating set.

Table Heights

Aura Deep Seating with Coffee Table

Conversation/Chat Height
Chat height is traditionally 18-24″ high. Tables this height can be dined at when sitting in a cushioned seating set. The majority of the fire pits that we stock are this height for this reason, as well as being able to store a 20lb propane tank underneath.

Table Heights

Nevada deep seating with chat height fire pit

Dining Height
Dining tables are usually between 28-30″ tall. They give a much more formal appearance and can be reached while sitting in a traditional dining chair.

Table Heights

Sherwood Dining Table

Counter Height
Counter height tables range from 34-36″ tall. These are becoming increasingly popular with our customers as they work well in small areas. Counter height tables are usually used for light dinning and cocktails, and are considered to be a lot less formal than traditional dining tables.

Table Heights

St. Tropez Counter Height

Bar Height
Bar height is traditionally 42″ tall. If you like the feeling you get while sitting high up at a bar, then this height is for you. These are also very popular with customers and come with a variety of different styled chairs to suit your space.

Table Heights

Mission bar height set

It’s always very important to check the height of your table before purchasing chairs, as you don’t want to get caught short! Visit our St. Catharines and Burlington showrooms for a variety of table height and shape options to suit your needs.