Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics

“What are Sunbrella outdoor fabrics?” We get that question quite a bit at our store here. It’s probably one of the most asked questions. Everyone knows the name of Sunbrella, but it’s less common to know why it’s so popular. So what makes Sunbrella outdoor fabrics the number one choice for patio furniture retailers?

Let’s answer the first question: What are Sunbrella outdoor fabrics?

Sunbrella is a solution dyed acrylic fabric. This means that it is technically a plastic material which is coloured all of the way through. This allows for excellent durability for the outdoors. The acrylic material is less likely to absorb water and more likely to last longer.

As the plastic initially in a liquid form, the colour of the strand is added into it. This means that when the string is extruded out of the machine it is made from, the colour is fully embedded into the strand. This helps prevent fading, as there is nothing else for the fabric to fade to but itself! It allows for excellent, long-standing fabrics. In fact, Sunbrella is so confident about their dyeing solution that they give it a five year warranty against fading!

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics

So when we’re asked what Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are, it’s clear to us that they’re just the best in the business.

As for why they are the number one choice for patio furniture stores, the answer should seem obvious by now. With excellent durability and a long life expectancy, all of our furniture would excel that much more with Sunbrella’s fabrics.

To make things even better, at Sun Country, we offer over one hundred and fifty Sunbrella fabrics to choose from on most of our patio furniture! It’s reasons like having so many colour options, are why we carry Sunbrella fabrics.