Cleaning Fabrics

Cleaning fabrics can certainly be a chore. With so many different things to cause mayhem on your colours, it can definitely be stressful at times.

Fortunately, at Sun Country, we’re in the business of outdoor fabrics. So yes, we have some ways to make cleaning fabrics a breeze.

To start things off, let us tell you about what type of fabric we carry. We deal with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella is the leader of outdoor fabrics, as they use a solution-dyed acrylic material for them. What does that mean?

It means that the material is actually a plastic. The solution dyeing takes place when the fabric is in its liquid form. It is dyed and then hardened after it is extruded through a machine. This helps the colour actually become inherent to the strand of string. It’s actually a part of it. Think of it like a carrot, being orange all of the way through.

With the colour dyed all of the way through, it allows you to use aggressive cleaning materials in order to clean the fabrics.

Cleaning Fabrics

For example, Sunbrella recommends that you use a mild soap and water solution for most stains. Cleaning the fabrics regularly also helps to prevent build up other problems. It’s also important to allow your fabric to air dry.

For more aggressive stains, such as wine, a liquid detergent/amonia solution (with 3-6% water) is recommended.

With things like ink or butter, using a volatile solvent like acetone would be helpful.

For more milder, yet resilient stains, like lipstick or crayons, an oil or grease remover could be used without worry.

If you’re looking for other ideas on cleaning fabrics from Sunbrella, stop into the store and let us know!