Right Size Grill

Trying to find the right size grill for your backyard? Fortunately at our St. Catharines location, we offer a wide assortment of grills to accommodate any backyard. From cooking for a family of twelve or a family of two, we offer a ton of different grill sizes.

But how do you know what is the right size grill for you? It’s not too difficult, actually. We carry Broil King, Weber, and Napoleon grills, offering you many different grills to choose from.

There are obviously tons of different grills to choose from, but how do you know what’s right for you? There’s much to consider when purchasing the right size grill.

Would you like cast iron or stainless steel cooking grids? They are the two different grids that are available to cook on. While cast iron grills are ideal for holding the heat, they do require a bit of maintenance as they do have the potential to rust. Stainless steel grills on the other hand, are completely worry free, but do not hold the heat as well as cast iron.

Does a rotisserie work for you? If you’re a big roast and chicken fan, you’d appreciate having a rotisserie. They help with letting the fat from your food drip out while cooking evenly across the grill.

Right Size Grill

How about a side burner? A side burner has a few benefits: keeping your house cool in the summer months and also keeping it smell better as you can sautee onions or other smelly foods on it outside rather than indoors.

Then of course, there’s the right size grill you need. Large or small? Does 300 square inches seem right, or 600? What about your warming rack? There’s a lot to consider.

That’s why we recommend you come into Sun Country’s St. Catharines location and find out the perfect grill for you.