Resin Wicker

We have plenty of resin wicker selections to choose from at Sun Country. From contemporary to traditional styles, there are many choices to see. At our stores, you physically see all of the choices – feel what they are made out of. You can sit in them and even get an idea of their comfort level. But what makes resin wicker a popular choice for the outdoors? Why choose resin wicker?

Resin wicker is essentially a different name for synthetic wicker – or simply “plastic.” This material is initially melted down as a liquid. When done so, additives are put in to prevent the strands from stretching, bending, fading, and wearing from the outdoors. Dyes are often added in as well to embed the strand with a colour all of the way through. This helps with the longevity with the colour.

When the resin is ready, it is extruded through a machine to give it a solid form. Flat strands are used on more contemporary collections while round weaves are more traditional. Often times, you can find a piece that features both round and flat resin wicker designs. This is considered a transitional piece of patio furniture.

Resin Wicker

At our store, we try to show off a little bit of everything. Whether it be a contemporary or classic wicker style, we carry it all. We also like to use Sunbrella fabrics for our furniture as well. In a way, Sunbrella is made very similar to our wicker patio furniture. It too is melted down, dyed, and then extruded through a machine. This is much like the wicker we carry in the store.

To see all of the various trends and hot styles of 2015, stop by our St. Catharines or Burlingtion patio furniture store today. See what our wicker is all about.