Recycled Plastic Patio

While it may be cold outside, we have some warm thoughts for you! We carry Recycled Plastic patio furniture at the store which is one of the most durable kinds of patio furniture on the market.

Coming in over 15 different colours, our recycled plastic patio furniture is dyed all of the way through so it becomes impervious to fading. Reds will stay red. Blues will remain blue. It’s because of how it is made:

Taking old plastic water bottles, milk jugs, and the like, the factory in Stratford, Ontario breaks them all down and compacts them. Liquefying and adding dye to the mix, the plastic is then solidified. The plastic becomes quite dense and heavy, making it durable against our Canadian climate.

Our recycled plastic patio furniture comes in a wide variety of different pieces as well. From Adirondack chairs, deep seating chairs, bar furniture, or even chaise lounges, there’s something for everyone. Rocking chairs, loveseats, and a wide variety of different table styles are also available too.

Recycled Plastic Patio

With a lifetime residential warranty on the furniture, it’s guaranteed not to break down or fall apart. Held together with stainless steel hardware, it is almost indestructible and immovable. We’ve never seen a case of a chair blowing away or moving because of the environment.

In terms of maintenance of the furniture, it’s quite easy to do. Warm soapy water with a decent hard bristle brush can do wonders. There is a bit of a grain feel to the furniture so using something with hard bristles helps to remove any excess dirt or residue which may get caught up within. Really any type of cleaning material can be used as the dye is built into the frame of the product. There’s nothing for it to fade to!

For more questions about recycled plastic patio furniture, stop by our store today!