Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture at Sun Country is made of some of the best quality on the market. There is a lot to look for when it comes to finding good quality cast aluminum patio furniture. Here we will show you what is important to look for.

Fully welded frames are a must when it comes to finding quality cast aluminum patio furniture. The reason being is because a lot of patio furniture may have screws or bolts holding it together. While it helps in holding the frame together, in time, the bolts and screws could wear, causing the furniture to become loose and brittle. Only fully welded frames are durable for the elements in our Canadian climate. Welded frames means nothing to loosen up!

cast aluminum patio furniture

It is important to find real aluminum frames too. A lot of furniture may have bits of aluminum mixed with other metals. The problem with that patio furniture is how the other metals have the potential to rust. Only cast aluminum patio furniture is guaranteed not to rust. This allows the patio furniture to be able to handle both rain and snow.

Powder coated cast aluminum frames are also important to look for. While cast aluminum cannot rust, powder coated frames help protect it from scratching and basic wear from the sun. It also protects the paint finish from wearing.

Cast aluminum patio furniture also needs to have a wide amount of selection. While many stores give you one set to go along with, at Sun Country, we offer the same collection as different sets. If you like a particular collection as a dining set, you can get the seating set, or sectional as well. There is no end to the customization of our cast aluminum patio furniture.

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