Pool Furniture

Outdoor furniture, patio furniture, garden furniture and pool furniture are all the same thing, right? Generally, they all describe furniture that can withstand the elements. But when dealing with “pool furniture” that spends the majority of its lifespan poolside, there are a few things you need to consider.

Materials make the difference
If your furniture will be sitting around a pool, you want to make sure it is impervious to the water. Unlike iron and steel, aluminum does not rust. Being rust proof is an important feature when your furniture will always be wet. If your furniture will be in a sunny area, it would need to have a powder coating with UV protectors. Aluminum furniture is also quite light which make is good for moving around the pool. Aluminum also does not retain the heat. After a long swim in the pool you want to be able to fully lounge and not get burned.

Poolside seating
Not only is a rust proof frame a must, you’ll also want seating material that can get wet. While many outdoor fabrics are not waterproof, some perform better than others. Sling fabric is a popular option. Sling fabric is thin and breathable and dries faster than cushions. This is important when many wet bodies will be sitting on the furniture during the day.

Protecting your investment
We are all aware of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure and the damage UV rays can cause our skin. Did you know that patio umbrellas equipped with Sunbrella outdoor fabric can block up to 98% of harmful UV rays and is recommended as an effective UV protectant by the Skin Cancer Foundation? Not only will an umbrella help protect you but it will also extend the life of your outdoor furniture by keeping the sun off of it too.

Ideal Pool Furniture

For your outdoor pool furniture, we recommend Telescope Casual. Made in New York, USA, their aluminum framed sling fabric furniture is a great solution for comfortable seating arrangements without the hassle of cushions. Speak with a Sun Country sales associate for more poolside solutions today!