Patio Table Sizes

There are so many different patio table sizes that it can become very overwhelming for one to decide on what to get. Hopefully our handy little guide can help you choose the right size.

Patio table sizes also come in a variety of different styles. Wicker, cast aluminum, glass tops, or recycled plastic. While choosing a style is one thing, deciding on a size that is appropriate for you is another. You want to get a size that is able to fit the right number of people you want around it, but also still allow for chairs or benches. You also do not want to make over or underwhelming for your backyard. So what patio table sizes work best for you? Let’s see!

If you’re looking for a bistro table with two chairs, anywhere between 27 and 32 inches would be appropriate.

Patio Table Sizes

When trying to seat up to four people, anything from a 36, 42, or 48 inch table would be appropriate as a round or square table. There are a few rectangular tables that are small like this, but they are hard to come by.

When looking at six seater tables, traditionally oval or rectangular tables that are at least 60 inches long are recommended. Alternatively, round tables at 54 inches or larger could work. 72 inch rectangular tables are the most common size we sell for six.

Trying to seat eight requires larger patio table sizes. 84 inch rectangular tables or larger work fine. Round and square tables to seat eight become more difficult to find as you must find something around 64 inches or larger.

With 10 or more people, any rectangular table above 96 inches would work fine. Alternatively, Egg Tables could also work for you.

The best option you have is to stop in at Sun Country and let us help you design the perfect size table for the perfect amount of guests you would like to have.