Patio Furniture Season

Patio furniture season is coming up fast! With March just around the corner (and hopefully lots of warm weather with it), it’s time to prepare for the fun it’s about to bring. With leaves finally starting to appear on trees and the snow on its final legs, thinking ahead for the patio furniture season is important.

Getting a jump start on patio furniture this early is important as you can beat the crowd to all that is available. Getting the early start on trends and seeing what’s available early also helps you plan ahead for your backyard.

Too often do we see our customers come in late into the patio furniture season and miss out on all of the patio furniture which is available much earlier in the season.

There’s quite a bit of furniture styles available through our store. For example, at Sun Country, we carry cast aluminum patio furniture, outdoor wicker, outdoor teak, patio umbrellas, awnings, and much more.

Patio Furniture Season

Choosing what’s best for your backyard, however, is the most difficult, if not most exciting decision. Showing up to our store early on allows you to see everything available. Also, if anything must be ordered, it’s best to come in early so you can get the order in just in time for the great weather.

Sunbrella cushions and specialty pieces of patio furniture must be ordered early on so they can come in at a prompt time – before any major event or good weathered weekend. Not to mention, our delivery teams get quite busy in the later season. We often have full days booked for deliveries. Coming in earlier, however, completely skips all of that and helps you get your furniture in before the season really kicks off.

With patio furniture season really only a short time away, stop by our store today and see what we have to offer!