Patio Furniture Lifespan

Over it’s lifespan, patio furniture will go through quite a bit of ware and tear. Along with general use and waring issues, it’s also constantly subjected to the elements. Because of this, some patio furniture may only last a short period of time. These following tips will help you buy furniture that will last for several years to come.

When selecting patio furniture, always start with quality options. Furniture made from high quality materials will ensure that it will last a long time. At Sun Country, we only sell the highest quality pieces on the market. All of our furniture and fabrics come with an unparalleled warranty that ensures the quality of each piece. We stand by what we sell, so if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can exchange it for something more suitable.


Always be aware of what material your furniture is made out of. Many people wonder why our furniture is more expensive than our competitors. This is because of the high quality material that our furniture contains. We don’t sell any steel or iron furniture that can rust or deteriorate over time. Instead, we stock powder-coated aluminum that doesn’t rust and is made to withstand our harsh climate. We use UV treated resin wicker that won’t crack or fade in the sun. Sunbrella fabric is our fabric of choice for outdoor cushions because they never fade or contain mold/mildew. These choice separate us from our competition. We may be more expensive, but your investment will last much longer than any other furniture on the market.

Regardless of the furniture you choose, it will only last as long as it is maintained. You should always keep your furniture dry and clean to prolong its life. We recommend purchasing covers for your furniture to protect it from the winter elements. Always make sure the hardware is tight and not missing. If you see a scratch, touch it up right away. Never store your furniture in any position other than upright. Most legs contain drainage holes, so if they cannot do their job, your furniture may collect moisture that can freeze and cause damage.

The actual lifespan of your furniture will vary depending on these factors. However, if you purchase furniture from Sun Country, you are guaranteed to have furniture that you can enjoy for years to come!