Patio Furniture Covers

With Patio Furniture covers, you may think as we enter the middle of August it’s time to store away your Patio Furniture. We say otherwise! There are still many more months to enjoy your patio furniture that it would be a shame to even consider putting it away.

That being said, we find by the middle to end of October is around the time most people will begin to store their patio furniture away. However, it is best to begin planning ahead! There are a lot of ways to care for your furniture in the upcoming seasons. We can tell you how!

As the season starts to become cooler, naturally we tend to huddle ourselves indoors. But when it comes to the protection of your patio furniture, nothing helps out more than covers.

The patio furniture covers we carry come in a wide variety of different sizes. Whether you need covers for chairs, loveseats, sofas, dining sets, outdoor fire pits, umbrellas, or sectionals, we have them all at the store.

Using patio furniture covers is an excellent idea for when you do not have the option to store your patio furniture away in a garage or inside during the off seasons.

patio furniture covers

Patio Furniture Cover Tips

Over the years, we have learned of some excellent tips for covering your patio furniture. Of course we will share them with you!

Sectionals come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes we have customers who add additional pieces to their sectionals making them much larger than what covers can handle. Our solution: piece apart the sectional and make it as squared as can be. Then get a square patio furniture cover to go over everything.

A lot of covers do not leave room for umbrellas. You can lay your umbrella on top of a table and put a cover over top of it there!

With dining sets, putting a box or beach ball on your dining table and underneath the cover allows for water or snow to run off of the cover rather than sit on top of it.

For more great tips about patio furniture covers, stop by at Sun Country today!