Patio Fire Pits

Patio Fire Pits are becoming all of the rage now. Used as both a fire pit and a coffee or dining table, these products are increasingly growing in popularity. But what is it about these patio fire pits that drive people to want them? Let us explain!

The outdoor patio fire pits which we carry can come as either propane or natural gas. The set up is quick and easy. The fire pits allow room for a propane tank to sit underneath, while the natural gas line can be fed from under as well. You can directly pipe a line in, or use a flex line to attach it.

The fire pits also come in a few different sizes and styles. Whether you want a square, rectangular, or round fire pit, we have you covered. They’re also available in a variety of sizes. From 42 to 50 inch round, or even as a dining height compared to a coffee table height.

Patio Fire Pits

Also available are the tables in a cast aluminum or granite top. The granite colours are either a galaxy black or a mixed brown top. The aluminum styles come in either a mahogany, dark, rum, foster, or dove finish.

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not the fire pits offer a large amount of heat. The short answer is: yes! The burners within the patio fire pits range from 60,000 to 80,000 BTU’s, meaning they can give off more heat than what your barbecue can. The flame height is also about a foot tall, offering ambiance to your fire pit. With an adjustable valve underneath the fire pit, you can control how much heat and flame is being used, making it ideal for different environments and moods.

If you’d like to see all that is available, stop by Sun Country today!