Patio Covers

One thing we’ve found over the years with patio covers is how there are so many different kinds, sizes, and styles of patio furniture out there. Believe it or not, there’s some sizes that we don’t even carry! However, most customers would want a cover to fit their furniture when it is left outdoors. Whether it be for the summer rains or the winter snow, our covers are capable of dealing with everything our Canadian climate can throw at us.

The type of covers we use is of a polyester and vinyl blend. They are both breathable and water resistant, allowing great protection for your patio furniture underneath. They can be tightened by a draw string or with velcro enclosures within the cover, preventing it to blow away in the wind. Another nice benefit is that our covers are even machine washable! Even if they get dirty, cleaning them can be a breeze!

Patio Covers

But it’s important to know what kind of cover you require to fit over your furniture as well. If you have a dining set, do you just want to use patio covers for a table, or a table with chairs? Maybe you want to cover just the chairs and bring the table inside for the winter? If you have deep seating furniture, can you group it all together and put one large cover over it, or would you rather use covers separately?

Of course, when it is all decided, bringing your measurements into the store is a helpful idea. With so many different table and chair sizes out there, it’s impossible to know whether our covers will fit or not. However, if we don’t have your cover sizes in stock, then we can have covers custom made to fit.

To see our variety of patio covers, both our Burlington patio store and St. Catharines patio store have a selection in stock.