Outdoors and Labour Day

Next week is Labour Day! It will be time to get outside and enjoy the company with family and friends as the long weekend signifies the end of the summer.

However, at Sun Country, even though we’re taking the weekend off, we still have plenty of great patio furniture on sale! Nothing says “Labour Day” like relaxing outside in a comfy lounge chair, or stretching out in the sun in an outdoor sofa.

Of course, many of you will probably have company over: some planned and some not. But don’t fret! We have a plethora of patio furniture still at the store here, on sale, and ready to take on the outdoors.

With many family and friends around, you can be guaranteed that someone will eventually spill a drink or some food on the furniture. But you don’t have to panic! Our furniture is easily cleanable! From our rust-free aluminum frames, to our resin outdoor wicker. Mild soapy water can pull out most of the difficult spills on the furniture.

Outdoors and Labour Day

But what about the cushions? Fortunately our furniture is also made with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. When it comes to getting messy, Sunbrella fabrics can handle it. For more aggressive stains, such as wine or coffee, you can use even more aggressive cleaning solutions. Sunbrella recommends things like using a bleach and water solution. Acetone could work as well for some even heftier stains.

We also can’t expect things to go completely unhindered during the weekend. If any patio furniture gets scratched or an umbrella cord breaks – as long as it’s from our store – we can quite possibly fix it or at least suggest ways in how things could be repaired.

Don’t even get us started with barbecues. . .

For more last-minute tips needed for getting the outdoors and Labour Day ready, stop by Sun Country today!