Outdoor Wicker – What is it?

What is outdoor wicker, you ask? It is a type of patio furniture which has been around for hundreds of years. Based on the weaving of rattan around frames, the look of wicker is both classic and contemporary. It has evolved into many different styles throughout the years, making it timeless outdoor furniture.

The idea of weaving rattan or branches around a frame of a chair was to provide it not only with a great unique look, but also give it added stability.

Wicker is now made of resin materials: or plastics. The weaving is wrapped around cast aluminum frames in order to give a much more durable resistance against the elements. When it comes to our Canadian climates, outdoor wicker can actually withstand it.

outdoor wicker

Much like the Freeport chair pictured above, all of our outdoor wicker patio furniture is made of resin materials. This allows it to be easily maintainable, as well as fully functional in all environments.

For cleaning outdoor wicker; warm soapy water with a soft brush is the best option. There is never any need to power wash the material, as it could potentially damage it. However, if a more aggressive cleaning solution is required, such as something like nail polish remover, that is also okay.

The reason being is since outdoor wicker is made of resin, the plastics are tough to wear in signs of other cleaning materials.

Our outdoor wicker also features Sunbrella fabrics as well. Its easy to clean and fully-dyed through acrylic material make it hard for the fabrics to stain. But it does make it easy to clean.

You can see a full list of how to clean Sunbrella fabrics from one of our earlier blogs.

Of course, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to stop by the store or call and ask!