Outdoor Teak

Outdoor teak furniture is regarded as one of the best outdoor woods. Used for not only patio furniture, but by sailboats, cruise liners, and many other products, outdoor teak has a variety of different purposes.

Teak trees are the source for all of the teak furniture you see. Usually around 40 meters tall, these trees are located in rain forests in places like Thailand and Indonesia. Because of their natural habitat, teak trees have evolved to be dense and very well oiled. This means it is quite difficult for things like bugs and moisture to form within the wood. Since it is not porous, there is no way for water to enter into the wood. Since water cannot enter in, there is no way for it to freeze inside the wood and cause damage.

This makes teak ideal for outdoor situations such as decking on a boat, or even outdoor teak furniture.

Outdoor Teak

Teak furniture comes in all sorts of different styles. From deep seating, lounge furniture, to more contemporary dining sets. There are a wide assortment of dining table sizes available too, allowing many people to enjoy teak in a variety of different ways.

One of the well known things about teak, however, is that in direct sunlight, it will eventually change colour. Many people enjoy teak for its rich, wood look. However, others prefer teak to turn to a silvery grey. It gives a entirely different look to the furniture, allowing people to have two options when it comes to teak.

To maintain teak in its original colour, one needs to sand down the silver look until it becomes a light, wood colour again. Once done, a teak oil rubbed on top of it will help re-stain the wood to its original colour again.

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