Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics

Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics are the leaders in all outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella is a fabric made of solution-dyed acrylic fibers with colour added prior to it being made. It gives the rich look and feel of cotton, but with no fade or fault.

In fact, our outdoor Sunbrella fabrics have a five year warranty from fade or fault.

Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics

How are Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics Made?

Sunbrella is made of an acrylic fabric. Acrylic fabric is made of acrylic fibers which are synthetic polymers. Polymers are a form of plastic with a large range of properties.

It is combined with other chemicals and placed into a spinning mix. Thermoplastic polymers are melted. Colourants are then put in the polymer melt prior to extrusion. The fluid polymer is then forced through the spinneret. The polymer cools to a rubbery state, and then a solid state. The mix is then either put into an air filled space and dry spun, or sprayed in water and wet spun. The fibers are then washed, dried, and crimped. At this stage, the fibers are a long “tow” of fibers. They could also be short “staple” of fibers like wool or cotton. Both types of acrylic fibers can be woven into fabric.

Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics & Solution-Dyed Colours

Adding colours takes place before the yarn is even made. A liquid acrylic mix is combined with pre-made colours. The coloured liquid is then extruded and turned into a fiber. The fiber never exists without colour. It is inherently a liquid acrylic-and-colour blend. This fiber is then spun into yarn, using a process that stops colour mixing.

The effect is that instead of weaving yarn made of dyed fibers, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are created from yarn already permeated with colour. In sum, the fabric is the real colour. Sun, wear and tear, and even bleach will not affect the colour.

If you would like to, you can stop by Sun Country and see all of the colours in person!