Outdoor Sectionals

Growing in popularity, outdoor sectionals have become an ideal unit for most back yards. With many varying sections to create unique pieces, sectionals can shape any backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Choosing from over 150 Sunbrella outdoor fabrics at our store, you can mix and match your outdoor sectional with any other piece of furniture. Whether it be a chair, loveseat, or sofa, you can extend your outdoor living with a sectional. Need an ottoman? Sectionals have that too!

But there are a few different shapes and sizes to sectionals. Traditionally shown as wicker sectionals, they come in various heights and widths. There’s also a few different styles available, as wicker can be found as either traditional, transitional, or contemporary. However, outdoor sectionals can also come as cast aluminum now too.

Outdoor Sectionals

Most sectionals are used as an L shape, meaning they can seat five easily. Recently however, sectionals have been offered with curved corners. This offers more room for sitting, as well as a little bit more room for resting.

The greatest thing about sectionals is actually within their name. Sectionals can break apart into sections which allows you to add more seating else where, or create something truly unique. For example, you can break apart four individual pieces and create and extra long sofa. Alternatively, you could also leave them separate if you wanted four individual chairs.

Sectionals can also be made into a variety of different lengths. All you need to do is add another slipper chair in the middle and extend it as far as you would like. There really is no end to sectionals if you have the space for them.

For more other great ideas, as well as seeing all of the outdoor sectionals we have to offer, stop by Sun Country at either the Burlingtion patio, or St. Catharines patio and BBQ location.