Outdoor Grilling Tips

If you’re looking for outdoor grilling tips, look no further! At Sun Country, we have decades of grilling experience. Selling outdoor grills for many years, we’ve seen all of the different issues and hiccups that can take away the fun from outdoor grilling.

Let’s go through some of the issues together:

My Ignitor Doesn’t Work

This is probably the biggest issue we hear at the store. Fortunately, it’s probably the easiest to solve or repair. If you’re not hearing any clicking sound from your ignitor when you press it, then it’s probably the battery!

If you do hear a clicking sound, then it may not be working be because the burner is not clean and is not letting gas through to spark.

That brings us to:

How to Clean Your Burner

A lot of barbecues are built the same. One of the most important outdoor grilling tips we could provide would be cleaning a burner. To clean a burner, however, you need to remove it. To do so, most burners use a single screw at the back of the burner. All that’s needed to do is to unscrew the burner and lift it out from the manifold. The burner is simply seated over the manifold.

Once lifted out, you can use a bottle brush or compressed air to clean out the inside of the burner. Make sure there are no spider-webs left inside the burner. If you have a pin or nail handy, check the burner holes and poke out any of the ones which may have rusted over.

Outdoor Grilling Tips

Little or No Heat

Often found as a problem with propane grills, all regulators have a safety device that limits the gas flow in the event of a gas leak. The regulator can accidentally turn on the safety device without having a gas leak. This usually occurs if you open the propane tank valve rapidly, or if one or more of the control knobs is in an open position when opening the propane tank or by turning off the propane tank before turning off the burners (bleeding the line) . If you do activate the gas regulator safety device, the grill will only reach low temperatures, even with all burners on high.

To fix it, follow these steps:
Turn all burner knobs to off position.
Turn propane tank valve to closed position.
Disconnect BBQ regulator from propane tank.
Wait 15 seconds.
Reconnect regulator.
Slowly turn propane tank valve to open position.
Turn appropriate burner valve to open position and light.

If you have any more questions, or want more outdoor grilling tips, please don’t hesitate to call our St. Catharines store!