Outdoor Fire Pits

Growing in popularity, outdoor fire pits are becoming a great piece for backyards across Southern Ontario.

Coming in a mix of different sizes, at Sun Country, we have different styles for everyone. From aluminum outdoor fire pits, to granite top outdoor fire pits, our selection is huge!

The best thing is that these outdoor fire pits come in either propane or natural gas. To set up for either or, it is very simple. An adjustment on the valve of the fire pit just needs to be changed.

Beautiful Outdoor Fire Pits in Toronto

We also carry outdoor fire pits which are just the bowl itself. If you would like to build or make your own outdoor fire pit, we can provide the bowl for you to drop into your creation. As well, it can come as either propane or natural gas at the time of purchase.

The outdoor fire pits we carry come as a stainless steel bowl which means you can leave it out all year round. The holes which the flame comes out of also serve as drainage holes in case of rain or snow.

The heat which comes out of these outdoor fire pits ranges anywhere from about 60,000 BTUs, to 100,000 BTUs. The heat can be adjusted so that the flame height can be raised and lowered as well, providing different amounts of heat and ambiance.

If you have not seen our selection, we recommend you stop into our store and see our outdoor fire pits today! We usually have one lit out front of the store, so it is a great opportunity to see one in action.

If you have any questions about the availability or the sizes of our outdoor fire pits, do not hesitate to come in or call us at Sun Country to inquire.