Napoleon Kitchens

If you’re looking to expand your outdoor kitchen, Napoleon kitchens are quite versatile. With many different configurations and styles available, you can create the perfect backyard oasis with them. It can all be done in a few easy steps!

The first and arguably most important step is to choose the right kind size grill. Napoleon offers many different head options to choose from. You can start small with a P500 grill, or work your way up all the way to a P825. Each grill comes with different features, giving you tons of versatility in your outdoor kitchen.

From there, however, things get quite exciting. Napoleon offers a wide assortment of different under grill cabinetry. The next important step is to know what you want to put under your grill.

Napoleon Kitchens

As mentioned, Napoleon offers under grill cabinetry which allows you to put your grill head directly into a prefab drawer system. However, you could have it custom built.

After that is decided, you can expand however you would like. Whether you go with Napoleon’s under grill cabinets or not, you can still use Napoleon products to continue your dream. From outdoor fridge cabinets, to waste drawers or simple stainless steel drawer systems – the options are all available for you.

You can also add in a few different side burner options as well to extend the use of your Napoleon kitchen. Another great idea is to take the universal cabinet which features an empty space, and install an outdoor sink into it. It helps with not having to run in an out with dishes.

It’s actually pretty easy to see all of the different Napoleon kitchens you can make. After deciding on the cabinets, all you have to do is find the proper top you’d like. From granite to stainless steel, you can really accentuate the backyard with your grill!

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