Napoleon Barbecues

At the barbecue seasons ramps up, Napoleon Barbecues heat up. Since it is National Barbecue Month, we may as well get started with Napoleon!

Made in Barrie, Ontario, Napoleon barbecues feature a wide variety of different styles. This allows for anyone to choose from a vast selection of grills and to find one that is perfect for them.

At Sun Country, we carry a healthy mix of Napoleon barbecues for all to see.

The Napoleon Prestige 500, or P500 for short, is the backbone of Napoleon’s line. Featuring 500 square inches nof cooking surface, the grill has four main burners inside. In fact, the barbecue has four burners within it to allow for even heat across the grill.

Next is the Napoleon’s P500 RSIB – or the rear & side infrared burner.

The RSIB has the same size grid as the P500. However, it also comes with a rotisserie and back burner. This is ideal for cooking birds or roasts on its spit rod.

The grill also comes with a ceramic infrared side burner which is ideal for searing steaks or other meats. It can also be used for boiling water or cooking with pots and pans as well. It makes for quite the versatile side burner.

For smaller homes or balconies, Napoleon makes a barbecue ideal for those situations. The Prestige 308, or P308, is the perfect little grill.

Featuring two burners inside its 308 square inch cooking surface, the P308 comes as a standard model, or with a rotisserie: the P308 RB.

Making it ideal for balconies or small patios, the P308 models have side shelves which fold down. It makes them great for storage or saving space.

Napoleon Barbecues

At the store, we also feature Napoleon’s PRO Series, and their Oasis Island series as well. Stop by the store today to see everything Napoleon has to offer!