Keeping Outdoor Fabrics Clean

Keeping outdoor fabrics clean is for sure a hard thing to do. With all of the snow, rain, and debris in the area can make for a headache for some people.

However, we carry fabrics by Sunbrella – the leaders in outdoor fabrics.

Sunbrella features a wide variety of solution dyed fabrics. That means the colour is dyed all of the way through the strand, rather than painted on. We have said it before, but it is like a carrot to a radish. A carrot is coloured all of the way through while a radish is only white on the inside.

Outdoor Fabrics by Sunbrella - keeping clean

Because Sunbrella is on pretty much all of our patio furniture, the keeping them clean is relatively easy. However, steam pressing or using electric and gas dryers is not suggested. Air drying is the best option.

Below is a list of some common and abrasive stains. Beside is Sunbrella’s suggestions to remove them.

Beer – Liquid detergent or white vinegar.
Berries & Bird Droppings – Liquid detergent or ammonia (3-6% water).
Charcoal – Vacuum, then liquid detergent.
Chocolate – Liquid detergent or ammonia water.
Coffee – Detergents, white vinegar, or acetone.
Crayons – Paint, oil, or grease remover.
Mildew – 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of soap per gallon of water.
Nail Polish – Acetone
Paint (Latex, oil, or lacquer) – Paint remover, or oil or grease remover.
Suntan Lotion – Pine oil detergent with water.
Tea – Liquid detergent
Tree Sap – Turpentine liquid detergent
Wine – Liquid detergent or ammonia (3-6% water), or white vinegar.

As you can see, some of the cleaning suggestions are more aggressive than others, but all are meant to help pull out unwanted stains in your fabrics.

If you have any further questions about stain removal or care for keeping outdoor fabrics clean, contact us! Stop by Sun Country at any point to get great tips today!