Indirect cooking

If you have ever wanted to use your BBQ like your kitchen oven, you can with the indirect cooking method! This style of cooking can be done on any BBQ with two or more burners, or any charcoal grill.

Indirect cooking is very much like baking in that your food is placed over an unlit burner rather than directly on your heat source. In order to cook indirectly, light 1-2 burners on one side of your gas grill and place your food on the other. If you have a charcoal grill, keep your lit charcoal to one side and place your food away from the heat. Your food will cook more evenly as it is not exposed to direct heat. There is little need to turn your food once it’s cooking.

Indirect Cooking

The best foods to cook indirectly are tough cuts of meat like brisket or ribs as they require long slow cooking at low to moderate heat. You can also be more adventurous and use your grill like a traditional oven and cook bread based items like pizza and cookies this way. Regardless of the food you choose, you’ll get great results every time.

As indirect cooking allows you to cook over a moderate heat (275°-350°), it makes it easy to add smoker chips for additional flavour. Adding a smoker box to any gas grill is easy to do and allows for great flavour experimentation. At the St. Catharines showroom, we have many styles of smoker boxes to choose from, as well as a large variety of flavours of smoker chips.

If you would like to try indirect cooking for yourself at home, delicious and easy recipes can be found on Weber’s website.

For additional information on indirect cooking, please speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates at our St. Catharines showroom.