Heating Up

If you’re looking for heating up your outdoor furniture area, look no further! At Sun Country, we carry a wide variety of outdoor fire pits which are ideal for heating up the outdoors. Our fire pits feature a wide variety of options such as size, colour, and glass beads. With so many styles available, it’s no wonder why outdoor fire pits are a growing trend.

Available as conversation tables, coffee tables, and even dining tables, outdoor fire pits can come in many different types of tops. But first: what are they?

Available in either propane or natural gas, outdoor fire pits are capable of both. Tall enough to fit a full 20lb propane tank underneath, these tables can conceal all gas connections, leaving a clean, contemporary look to your yard. The connections fit to a stainless steel burner which insets to the table top.

The tables at any size, can come as either granite or cast aluminum tops. The granite colours available are either black or brown. The granite tables are natural from the ground and are each unique. Aluminum top tables come in a variety of different colours and two different tops as well. Aluminum tops come as a solid, almost “faux stone” look, or a aluminum slat top style.

The fire pits range in actual sizes as well. From 42″ round, to 48″ or even 50″ round, a nice conversation area can be had. 49″ squares are also available, while a 50″ x 32″ or 58″ x 38″ rectangular tables are available.

Heating Up

All of the fire pit tables are unable to rust with their aluminum bases underneath. The granite tables should be sealed with a stone sealer as it is possible for moisture from our winters to cause them to break. Being natural stone, they are porous enough for water to enter within and potentially cause freeze damage.

To see more outdoor fire pits and see how they’re heating up the patio furniture market, stop by our Burlington or St. Catharines location today!