Grilling in the Fall

It’s September and it’s time to consider grilling in the Fall. Why in the Fall? Well, why do people stop grilling once Labour Day passes? It always seems as when Labour Day ends, so does the barbecuing season. At Sun Country, we won’t stand for it! We’re here to take grilling in the fall back!

So how exactly do we do this? Let’s first examine why people stop grilling after Labour Day:

1. The summer is over and there’s no one around to have parties with anymore. As if having other people around was an excuse to be grilling.

2. It’s getting colder out. It’s easier and warmer to cook inside.

3. The “grilling experience” disappears after the summer.

We’ve heard people reason their ways into why they stop grilling in the fall. But they shouldn’t!

Grill for yourself! Let your grills warm you! The grilling experience is all year long!

Grilling in the Fall

We love going outside in the brisk cold to light up a warm smoker or grill. Getting them to the right temperature – to battle the cool elements – is part of the fun experience to grilling.

Of course there’s the flavours and smells. When it’s cooler out, most people consider that the fall colours mean it’s time to bask in the smell of falling leaves. But the smells that can come from a fresh pork roast, ribs, or even a great, hot searing steak can totally trump those smells. To top it off, they taste better too!

But even with the cold, you’re not outside that long to actually do the barbecuing. What you can spend your time indoors doing is making flavours up to create an irresistible meal that friends and family will remember for years. Why deny yourself the right to have fun and flavour?

Get out there and start grilling!