Fire pit maintenance

Firepits are a great addition to any patio. They help extend your patio season in the Spring and Fall when the temperature isn’t quite warm enough to lounge outdoors. Usually, when the pit is on, no one notices the dirt or rust that can build up. Fire pit maintenance that includes cleaning will keep it looking its best. It will also extend its lifespan.

Fire pit maintenance

Routine Maintenance
Check all fasteners and hardware before using your fire pit each season and then at least once every few weeks afterwards. Make sure all of the screws and bolts are tight. Make sure your propane connection is tight.

For propane fire pits, use a dry cloth or soft bristle brush to remove any debris from the interior or exterior surfaces. For a deeper clean, you can use a dish soap and water solution and rinse.
As for wood burning pits, remove the build up of creosote by scrubbing it with a stiff bristle brush dipped in a soda solution. (1/4 cup washing soda dissolved in 1 gallon of water)
Ash can smolder for days after the flames die down. Using gloves and trowel, scoop out the ash into a metal can as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

Never use fire accelerators as they can damage your fire pit.
Never put out the flame with water. The drastic temperature change can crack or warp your pit.

Preventative measures
Never throw trash into your fire pit. Also, keep plastics away from hot surfaces. Melting plastic produces toxic fumes and is extremely difficult to clean.
Always protect your fire pit with a cover. It will protect it from inclement weather and rust, and will keep it much cleaner.
If possible, store your fire pit in a dry sheltered location during the winter.

At Sun Country, we recommend cleaning your fire pit throughly at least once a year. We have a wide variety of fire pits on sale at our St. Catharines and Burlington locations. Let our sales associates help you choose the fire pit that meets your needs!