Dining Chairs

Trying to find the right kind of dining chairs can prove to be a difficult task. Fortunately, at Sun Country, we have lots of them! And we mean lots!

In fact, pretty much everyone single one of our collections feature a dining chair that could be perfect for you. And that’s what’s important: finding the right dining chairs for you.

With so many different chairs out there, why would you consider what is carried at Sun Country?

Firstly, all of our dining chairs are built with fully-welded cast aluminum frames. This means they will not rust away at all. That also means that they’re made for all types of weather that our Canadian climate could throw at us.

Wicker Dining ChairsDining Chairs

Being welded is very important too. While a lot of dining chairs come “knocked down” or “KD,” ours come as one solid piece. What that means is nuts and bolts will not loosen up in the chair over time. In fact, the structure of the chair will remain in tact and durable for many years to come. It takes the worry off of you and puts the enjoyment of your backyard into the forefront.

The second thing is that our chairs are available in different frame colours and paint finishes. This is very important when you need a chair to be able to match with a pre-existing table or even your backyard. Our chairs are powder coated as well, meaning that the paint finish is quite durable and you should not see peeling or chipping away happening to any of them in quite some time.

We also carry woven wicker chairs. These chairs add a whole new level of excitement to choosing a chair as the different styles of both flat and round weave wicker adds a bulk of variety to the chair selection.

You can stop by our Burlington Patio store, or St. Catharines Patio store anytime to select your dining chairs at any time!