Customization is a huge part of what makes us unique at Sun Country. You can buy patio furniture from big box stores, garden centres and other speciality retail stores, but very few offer the option to buy items separately or change cushion colours. That’s why we have such a loyal customer base!

Working with your space
Everyone uses their back yard space in different ways. Some people like to lie by the pool on a chaise lounge during the day, while others like to eat their meals outside. Many choose the cooler evenings to spend outdoors, lounging in deep seating chairs next to a fire pit. The brands and manufactures that we choose to carry offer so many options to suit many sizes and styles of space. If you are looking for matching dining and deep seating, that is a possibility.


We also have the option to mix styles of furniture (wicker and aluminium) to give a cohesive look within distinct spaces in your yard. Almost all of our furniture pieces can be purchased separately, so you can choose your seating arrangements safe in the knowledge that you can add matching pieces down the road is necessary.

Colour Palate
Once you have chosen your set up, now you can decide on fabric colour. All of the cushions we sell at our store are made of Sunbrella fabric which comes with a 5 year warranty against fading in the hot summer sun. With over 200+ colours to choose from, you can really add your own personal style to your purchase. Go with a neutral and use throw pillows as an accent, or even choose a solid seat with a striped back cushion – the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for comfortable, long lasting furniture that is unique to you, shop with us at Sun Country. Our customization is unbeaten and will guarantee you walk away with something that no one else has!