Cushions With Sunbrella

Getting patio cushions with Sunbrella fabric is not as hard as it seems. We have them here at Sun Country! But what is Sunbrella and why is it so important?

Sunbrella fabrics are a solution dyed acrylic fabric that is meant to take a beating from the sun. It’s used in many residential and commercial applications. You can find Sunbrella on boats, in restaurants, or even in your own backyard if you would like!

But what is a solution dyed acrylic? Acrylic is a plastic which is dyed all the way through in a process called solution dyeing. Solution dyeing means that the colour is put completely through the strand of string as it is made. Think of it like a carrot: it is orange all of the way through. Sunbrella’s solution dyed strands are done exactly the same. This means that the colour is fully embedded in the strand of string. It helps prevent fading as the string’s colour has nothing else to fade to but its own colour.

Cushions With Sunbrella

Patio cushions with Sunbrella which we carry here at the store are resistant to fading solely because of the Sunbrella material on them. When it comes to durability and worry free cushions, you can guarantee your furniture will be long lasting and well protected because they are made of this very durable solution dyed acrylic fabric.

We offer many different colours of Sunbrella fabrics as well. To make cushions with Sunbrella fabrics, you can select from over 150 different colours. With so many styles and shades available, we find most customers are very eager to try them all out at home. This is why we allow our customers to take home fabric books to make sure they are getting the right colour for their home.

If you’re interested in some furniture from us, stop by the store and see our Sunbrella fabrics!