Covering Patio Furniture

Covering patio furniture is a pretty important thing to do. With the fall and winter seasons slowly closing in on us, you have to be prepared! Fortunately at Sun Country covering patio furniture is part of our business!

We have a ton of different covers for you to put on your patio furniture. When it comes to covering patio furniture, there are a few things to consider.

You have to make sure the sizes fit. Although it may seem like an obvious suggestions, many people do not know the sizes of there chairs. With so many different chairs out there it is important to know what you need. From dining chairs, to a variety of deep seating chairs – no two chairs are the same. It is key to get your height, width, and depth for your measurements. We should have a cover to fit whatever you have!

Covering Patio Furniture

It is important for your covers to have a snug fit around them. They may tear or blow away if they are too tight or too loose. Finding the right sized cover is key.

If you have an umbrella, it is important to put a cover over it to make sure the colour remains strong and bright. Another option is with dining sets.

With dining sets, you can get one large cover for all of your chairs and tables together. With umbrellas, you can tuck the umbrella underneath the table cover. It is an easy way to keep things together as well.

Another option with covers is to stack some furniture. While we do not recommend stacking patio chairs or tables upside down, if you have two or three chairs, you can stack them. Stacking them then allows you to put one large cover over the entire set. It is an easy way to keep everything together.

As always, if you have any questions for covering patio furniture, or would like to see our covers, stop by Sun Country today!