Cleaning Patio Furniture

Cleaning patio furniture can certainly be a tough chore. In fact, we do not blame you for not wanting to do it!

Do not fret, though! Here we will give you some tips to make cleaning patio furniture a breeze.

Sunbrella Cushions

In prior blogs, we went over Outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics. We also discussed how Sunbrella is great for all types of outdoor furniture. When it comes to cleaning Sunbrella fabrics, it is almost too easy.

Being solution-dyed, the fabrics are coloured all of the way through. It is the difference between a carrot and a radish: carrots are orange all of the way through, while radishes are white on the inside.

The dye all of the way through allows for you to be aggressive with your cleaning. For example: to clean wine, you can use liquid detergent or ammonia (3-6% water), or white vinegar. We also sell great cleaning materials in-store.

For the most part, you can clean sling furniture the same way as your Sunbrella cushions. As for the frames, see the next section under “cast aluminum.”

Cleaning Patio Furniture - Sunbrella Fabrics

Outdoor Wicker & Cast Aluminum

For cleaning patio furniture made of outdoor wicker, it is recommended to use a soft bristle brush with some warm soapy water to get into the crevasses of the wicker itself. Wicker is one of the more harder pieces of furniture to clean, but it sure looks great when it is done. You could also try a hose (but not pressure washing!)

Cast aluminum patio furniture is the easiest to clean. You can use warm soapy water or even hose it down. It is built very tough, allowing you to be tough on it. The paint is fairly durable, but try to use a cloth instead of a brush to prevent any scratches.

If you would like more tips, feel free to contact us or stop by Sun Country!