Classic Adirondack

If you’re looking for the classic Adirondack chair, look no further! At Sun Country, we carry the traditional Adirondack chair which sets the stage to what “outdoors” really is.

Our Adirondack chairs are made of a recycled plastic material from old milk jugs and other recyclables. Made up in Stratford, Ontario, our chairs are heavy and resistant to the elements outdoors.

Weighing at around sixty pounds, the chairs are nearly indestructible. They are also dyed all of the way through, meaning that the colour cannot fade to anything but itself. Even better, the chair is made with stainless steel hardware. This means the frame of the chair will not wear down easily over time.

Because the chairs are made of recyclable material, it also allows the dyed to penetrate deeply into it as the plastic is melted down first to mold the chair. What this also means is that the colour could be anything! Right now, there are over sixteen different chair colours to choose from.

Classic Adirondack

In case that hadn’t made you want a classic Adirondack yet, there’s still more to tell! These chairs come with a ten year warranty against faltering in any way. And even more impressive, there’s more to the collections available!

If you’re looking for ottomans, end tables, or even a complimentary dining set that shares a similar style to the Adirondack chair, you can get it! This allows you to really take advantage with having matching patio furniture. Further still, as mentioned before, these chairs are Canadian-made. Nothing can really be better than that.

For more information about these classic Adirondack chairs, stop by out Burlington or St. Catharines location and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff today.

While you’re at it, we invite you to take a seat in one of the chairs. We know you won’t regret it!